Fresh and easy smoothies with Thermomix®

January is the time when we make resolutions and plans for the year. Look ahead to the spring and get fit and healthy after the midwinter festivities. Choose your favourite smoothie recipe from Cookidoo® and whizz it up in no time at all. Whether you choose a detox smoothie with targeted nutrition, or a post-workout smoothie to restore, smoothies are a great power-packed way to kick-start your day and consume a healthy dose of nutrients in a tall glass of goodness.

Power-packed recipes

You don’t need to pack a lot into a smoothie for it to be effective, but you also want to ensure you aren’t loading it up with sugar from fruit. Start with a liquid base of water, coconut water, nut milks, green tea or maybe some kombucha. Add greens of your choice such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard, parsley or mint. To boost your digestion add plenty of green leaf vegetables to your recipe and a little fruit to sweeten the flavour.

Hemp, chia or flax seeds a good source of vitamins and minerals. Add about a cup of fruit – bananas, berries, apples or another fruit of your choice. For more targeted nutrition benefits, add turmeric or cinnamon to reduce inflammation, or ginger to help circulation. To finish it off add some ice for a cooling drink.

If you want to keep things simple, focus on an easy recipe with bananas, pineapple, melon and greens. If you like things peppery yet sweet, arugula and watercress mixed with strawberries, dates and coconut will hit the spot.

While some people like a fresh-pressed juice, blending or emulsifying your produce will help keep the fibre content high, with the benefits that brings. For a high protein recipe, add tofu or Greek yogurt, nuts, seeds or oats.

Plan for daily smoothie success

Have all of the ingredients ready, to make your smoothie recipe freshly and quickly. Browse Cookidoo® for your smoothie recipes, and add your favourite recipes into your Weekly Planner. Now you are ready to make your shopping list and buy your fruit ahead of time. To be ready to make a smoothie whenever you want to, cut the fruit into pieces, and open freeze on trays before transferring into freezer bags, and storing in the freezer. Now you have your ingredients to hand and ready to smoothie.

5 steps to the perfect smoothie

Brighten your day with these healthy smoothies